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A Flavor & Fortune Review: Dedicated To The Art And Science Of Chinese Cuisine

Yi Palace is as good as it gets in Delaware’s largest city. This Sichuan eatery opened in 2007 in the Concord Square Shopping Center and is owned by Shanghai native, Mr. Qu Liwei and his partner, Ms. Zhong Suying. She hails from Chongqing. They met more than twenty years ago when both worked at another Wilmington Chinese restaurant. Then Ms. Zhong was the chef and Mr. Qu handled the front of the house. Today, they manage Yi Palace together.

Authentic Sichuan Cuisine

For starters, they thankfully do not offer any dismal, American-Chinese deep fried all-you-can-eat buffet items found in many outlying Chinese restaurants. Instead, their expansive menu is six pages long and includes Chef’s Specials such as Chinese Cabbage with Chestnuts, Braised Frog Legs, and Diced Rabbit with Black Bean Sauce.

Yi Palace offers more than forty lunch specials all around $6.50 every Monday through Thursday. From two in the afternoon to eight in the evening, one can enjoy Sichuan Hot Pot here. Alcohol is served at all times as they have a full beer, wine, and cocktail list.



Award winning menu

Over the course of several visits, the best dishes enjoyed to date include: Quick Fried Cucumbers served cold with lots of garlic and dried red chili peppers. These are excellent!

Another winner is Fried Tofu, probably dipped in cornstarch before deep-frying. This equally excellent piquant appetizer helps balance the heat as its crispy exterior surrounds a silken interior.

Chinese Bacon with Hot Pepper, a house special, is delicious, Made with sliced bacon, which the Chinese call belly pork, it comes with lots of red and green peppers, onions, and scallions, and hot peppers, too.

Shredded Duck with Ginger is very lightly prepared, its shredded duck pieces stir-friend with celery, scallions and bell peppers, and a hint of oil. The Hot and Sour Mung Beans are better than we expect; they use ground mung bean flour made into cellophane noodles served in a mildly spiced chili sauce with peanuts. They garnish these with a few greens.

Shredded Potatoes with Vinegar, a classic Sichuan dish, is only a fair rendition because it needs more vinegar. The Mongolian Beef, though simply prepared with onions and scallions, arrives piping hot, and super savory.

For those living in Wilmington, this restaurant is definitely a place to try.